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My Medical Dream Team

Dr. G. Thomas Budd of the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in Ewing’s Sarcoma has been my main oncologist throughout this ordeal. I was, and continue to be, extremely fortunate to be under his care.

Dr. Christopher Chay of Cancer Care of Western Carolinas has been my local oncologist & was in charge of keeping me alive during the tail end of my chemo when my body started to shut down.

Dr. John Healey of Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan is my surgeon. Dr. Healey is considered by some to be the top bone cancer surgeon in the world.

Dr. Erin Murphy of the Cleveland Clinic was my radiation oncologist. She put together a radiation plan based on Dr. Healey’s suggestions.

Dr. Juan Carlos Plana, formerly of the Cleveland Clinic (currently chief at Baylor University), was my cardio oncologist. He would ensure that my heart would continue to function properly because one of the chemotherapy agents used causes heart failure.

Second opinion received at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. This included pathology, treatment, radiation and surgery.

Chris Carson's Story
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