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Like most of us, we have had cancer strike several family members and friends. Some of our loved ones have been fortunate, endured harsh cancer treatments and survived.  Other family members and friends have been far less fortunate.  My son Chris was struck down by bone cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma) in November of 2012. We were devastated. Our mission from that day forward became finding a cure for this disease and helping as many individuals as possible in that process. Our journey has led us to evaluate as many options and alternatives as possible via some of the top hospitals, research institutions, and small companies. Unfortunately, we learned early and harshly, that not much has changed in the last 20 years. Clearly, this situation needs to change.


The good news, however, is that we learned a lot from some of the leading research organizations, wonderfully dedicated oncologists, and surgeons. And the very good news is that there are new developments that can make a real difference in not only sarcoma cancers but in some of the other major cancers as well.  


Sarcomas are the number one bone cancer killer of children and young adults.  Breast and prostate cancers are number one in men and women. New targeted therapies are desperately needed and could make a huge difference to those affected with all these cancers.  Our goal is to get these less toxic and more efficient therapies to market as quickly as possible. 


The Carson Sarcoma Foundation or CSF is focused on saving lives through bringing new targeted drugs to market as fast as scientifically possible.  By focusing on orphan cancers (like Ewing’s Sarcoma), the FDA testing requirements are more manageable and take less time and therefore, less money.  By focusing on pre-human testing we hope to accelerate the process and get these targeted therapies to human trials so they can be available for those in desperate need as soon as possible.


WE FUND RESEARCH. We do not fund building programs, we do not pay salaries, we don't support bureaucratic infrastructures, and we don't focus on awareness programs.   We donate our time and expenses to investigate and thoroughly evaluate opportunities.  We follow up on progress and report to our donor community.  We are accountable.


Please help us achieve our goal.



The Carson Family


What we do...

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