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A small sample of CSF current activities

Articles & Resources

Peter Anderson MD, PhD, is currently developing a pilot study that will examine the abscopal effect with a combination of anti-PD1 (immunotherapy) and radiation therapy. Results from this pilot study could lead to an improved understanding of how to more effectively incorporate radiation in sarcoma treatments (for example, utilizing radiation before surgery with a novel new drug to significantly reduce risk of death from lung metastases). CSF is actively funding this exciting new pilot study with other private and public foundations. 
The Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation is focusing heavily on immunotherapy, specifically PD-1 and PD-L1 in sarcomas. The results of Dr. Arun Singh’s efforts to identify sarcoma subtypes most likely to respond to PD-1/PD-L1 therapies will influence future investments made by other researchers and industry. Positive findings will help build a case for large-scale clinical trials funded by drug companies. Dr. Singh plans to present his findings this fall (2016) at the Connective Tissue Oncology Society Meeting (CTOS)”. CSF is excited to be working with Dr. Singh.
*Ewing’s patients, please contact us for early research findings. I say this because we have the 23 Ewing’s cell lines stained and they show very little PDL1 expression.*

CSF is adding a major focus on combination therapies in 2016. The Dr. Joseph Ludwig Lab at MD Anderson will be building a mouse factory utilizing a Ewing's Sarcoma PDX (Patient-Derived Xenograph) Model as a result of CSF funding. The PDX model involves transferring tumor tissue directly from the patient to a mouse. The tumor is genetically tested (to include RPPA, RNASeq, and Epigenetics). Once the tumor grows large enough, Dr. Ludwig’s lab will test innovated targeted combinations on the most advanced mice xenographs that science has to offer. We hope these studies will reveal excellent therapeutic combinations that will drive smarter clinical trials for patients. The Lab will collaborate with other sarcoma specialists who wish to test their own combinations. In addition to the research aspect, patients will receive advanced individualized care considering their tumor’s unique genetic characteristics. Carson Sarcoma Foundation is the first to partner with MD Anderson in this PDX study.

Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center 
Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers (Ewing’s Sarcoma Targeted Therapy- (bi-shRNA-EWSFLI1) Mary Crowley is a very special organization focused on bringing various Sarcoma targeted therapies to the market in a timely manner.  CSF, in cooperation with many other foundations and private individuals, has been actively involved supporting Mary Crowley’s targeted therapy for several years. We are very optimistic that phase 1 trials will open for patients in May or June of 2016!


The Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a wonderful organization focused on childhood cancer research, including conducting clinical trials. CSF, partnered with another leading foundation, is helping to fund PCF’s efforts in assisting Salarius in completing development of their drug targeting Ewing’s sarcoma. PCF will be running the trial of this drug at various locations throughout the United States. 


CSF continues to support Salarius (a small pharmaceutical company) and their development of SP-77, a targeted therapy focused on Ewing's Sarcoma and, potentially, many other types of cancers.  Their pre-clinical work is actively underway.  CSF in partnership with a large private foundation are pushing for trials to open for Ewing’s Sarcoma patients in 2016.

Fighting Cancer

This book is a terrific resource for anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer, or is part of the support team.  CSF has not found a better and more informative book on the subject.  It is free.  Click on the book and it will link to the Block Cancer Foundation website.  If nothing else, start here.


Tokalas Inc. operates in the healthcare industry with a focus on biotechnology. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Del Mar, California.  CSF has supported Tokalas over the past two years.  We are encouraged that TK-216, their drug targeting Ewing’s Sarcoma, will be entering trials at UCLA and MD Anderson in April of 2016 and Memorial Sloan Kettering later in the spring of 2016.


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