I had surgery after my eighth chemotherapy session. Doctors John Healy and Joseph Disa of Memorial Sloan Kettering performed the 14-hour surgery to remove my cancerous tumor and reconstruct my arm utilizing a bone and veins from my leg.


Thirty years ago, amputation would have been the only option.


During the surgery, Dr. Healey took a portion of my fibula, the smaller bone next to the tibia or shin, removed a large section of my humerus (the bone in the upper arm) and the tumor and soft tissue surrounding it leaving the widest margin possible as to not disturb the “actual tumor”. He...

The side effects of treatment were awful. All I can really say is it was a lost 8 months and it took me a good year after that to start feeling “somewhat” physically normal. I went and still go to neurofeedback to try to help with some of the emotional scars resulting from this experience.  


The whole treatment experience was hellish. I didn’t and still don’t know if I’ll be around to watch my son and daughter grow up. I worry that if I’m gone too soon, my daughter may not remember me when she’s older.


That being said, my experience with Ewing’s has been one of the positive ones. It pa...

So, it was on my bed during one of my final rounds of chemotherapy in Asheville that I decided to start a foundation.  I wanted to discover a method to fund specific research based on finding targeted, less toxic treatments that would benefit those who were too often overlooked and underserved - the young. Truth be told, childhood/young adult cancer is nasty, it looks bad, it smells bad, and it’s unfair.


The NIH gives a mere 4% of it’s cancer budget to childhood cancer. Foundations like The Carson Sarcoma Foundation will and must try to fill the gaps and utilize these advancements to h...

On June 29, 2015, my family’s biggest fear arrived. A 1 cm mass was picked up on a CT scan of my chest. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what this “mass” was.


Looking back, The Ewing’s had probably started growing many months before that CT.  I’ve had lung issues since my initial flamethrower chemo. Two bronchoscopies had been required since this initial chemotherapy. One of those bronchoscopies was ordered four months before the the June 29th scan. I remember coming home very nervous about the results and being overwhelmed with joy when the doctor finally called, telling me i...

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